Dog Walk City


 At Dog Walk City, we believe that animals have two jobs in life: to love, and to be loved.

We know how much you love your pets.  That’s why we are here to make sure they get the quality of attention and care that they deserve, even when you can’t be there.


Our Services


  Our mission at Dog Walk City is to make dogs AND people happy.  Because we are a small Business, we are able to spend as much time with our furry clients as they need, while also taking the time to make sure that our human clients get what they need as well.  We understand that a big part of this business is providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is happy and cared for. We are able to provide this by having a thorough first meeting to go over all of your pet’s needs with his or her designated dog walker, in addition to being available to provide mindful and engaged walks and visits whenever you need them, we also leave descriptive notes after each walk so you are updated with how the visit went. Dog walk city is ready and available for you at all times. Our priority is thoroughness and open communication. Because of this, we are proud to have very happy dogs and humans as clients.




Professional Services

Dog Walk City is licensed and insured, with walkers that have real experience in interacting with and caring for animals.  We are committed in helping you make sure your pet knows just how much you love them, even when you can’t be there. 

Personalized Care

Every animal has their own unique personality.  We take pride in the attention we give to each of our furry friends, and we value the friendships we build with them over time. 

You can be confident that your pets are getting the attention they need and deserve.

Helping Hands

We want you to succeed in your endeavors.  We know that sometimes that means putting your nose to the grind-stone and focusing on matters at hand.

You can always count on us to care for your pet’s immediate needs while you tend to your long term goals.